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Mr. Ken Mills
General Manager

Surveillance and Security

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  Thank you for joining us again today Ken at this momentous time in the history of Dell EMC. Before drilling down a bit into all that’s new…CONGRATULATIONS on your appointment as General Manager, Surveillance and Security!  One will read at Dell EMC, “To address the changing surveillance data needs of organizations all over the world, Dell EMC is introducing a robust portfolio of surveillance solutions built on a data lake architecture.“  Please give us an overview of the Dell EMC Surveillance Solutions Portfolio.

Ken Mills: Dell EMC is focused on delivering the best in class solutions for the surveillance market in Networking, Compute, Storage, Virtualization, Security, Client and Cloud. We are also focused on building joint solutions with our OEM customers/partners to bring even more value to our end users.

Our customers are truly the future-makers, and we are enabling them to innovate faster, build stronger and scale smarter. Stay tuned for a number of announcements for the surveillance market from Dell EMC and our customers.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Are there product announcements on the horizon from Dell EMC too?

Ken Mills: It is an exciting time to be at Dell EMC right now. Dell Technologies is now #1 In Everything, All in 1 Place and we are bringing this world-class portfolio to the surveillance market.  Never before, have our customers and partners been able to modernize their surveillance infrastructure with an end-to-end portfolio like we have a Dell EMC. We are leveraging the same industry-recognized surveillance lab to expand our validated solutions to include the entire Dell EMC portfolio This is a huge step forward for the industry where for the first time, our customers and partners can purchase with confidence all of their surveillance infrastructure needs from one place - Dell EMC.   More

Mr. James Lantrip
Segment Head, Security
Siemens Industry, Inc.

Jim Lantrip has more than 26 years of experience in the Security industry in all aspects of the business, from operations, sales, engineering, product development to project management. He is currently the Segment Head for Security with Siemens Building Technologies and has been with Siemens for three years. Past positions include11 years with Tyco Integrated Security as most recently, the VP & Director of Integration Strategy, and Card Key Systems and ADT Security Services, Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Mississippi.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  Thank you for joining us today, Jim.  Before discussing Siemens Solutions in greater detail, please give us an overview of your background?

Jim Lantrip:  I've been in the security industry since the late '80s and have more than 26 years in the industry.  During that time, I have worked for a few of the larger companies in the industry.  My experience in the industry is varied from sales to project management, to system design and building teams. This involved building unique teams inside of companies that were created to go after the more complex opportunities whether it's integration opportunities or larger projects and do this successfully.  We built sales engineering and design teams to selling large complex opportunities as well as adjusted the delivery teams through new roles, enhanced skills and processes to be able to deliver these projects successfully.

I've been with Siemens for almost three years as the Segment Head for Security and I believe this was a great move for me. Siemens security performs the type of work that I enjoy the most--medium and large security projects.  We have with the ability to deliver the most complex projects in the world including  integration projects, Siemens is uniquely positioned to do very high-level integration work whether it’s integrating separate security products into a Command and Control platform, integrating products from adjacent spaces like automation, fire or integrating with our customer's business systems.  We sell and deliver these projects regularly and that was one of the key drivers for me to move to Siemens. 

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  We read with great interest about Siemens’ ongoing work with Port Manatee, which is one of Florida's fastest growing ports.  We understand that the solutions provided by Siemens combined two key technologies.  Please tell us about the solution Siemens delivered to increase the security and efficiency at Port Manatee.

Jim Lantrip:  At Port Manatee, the foundation for the solution is Siveillance Vantage Command and Control Platform. Vantage is a very robust platform and made to integrate multiple systems, to allow complete situational awareness including workflows, resource management, and audit trials. The Vantage Command and Control system takes the sub-systems and uses the information from each to make it easier to handle difficult situations consistently through workflows and resource management.  Integrated into our Vantage Command and Control platform is our SiPass access control platform, video management system and mesh network. It's a very capable system with a great track record that helps the port manage their landside traffic more efficiently, stay compliant with the federal regulations, and provide work flows that can help them manage the port business.  This includes a key aspect of managing visitors that both do and don’t carry a TWIC card. 

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