Military Defense Solutions

security stock solutions Mr. Larry Cox
Senior Vice President
Intelligence and Information Solutions
Business Unit General Manager


SecurityStockWatch.com: Thank you for joining us today, Larry. You’ve had a really interesting background in business and on Capitol Hill as a professional staff member with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Please give us an overview of your background and your role with SAIC.

Larry Cox: I was recruited by the U.S. Defense Department right out of college and spent over a decade doing analytic and technical work in the U.S. and abroad, living overseas for quite a while. Searching for more, I joined General Electric Aerospace just as Jack Welch took over all of GE. I had a series of wonderful jobs in systems engineering, spacecraft and ground systems development, program management and business development. I probably could have stayed at GE forever, but I got an opportunity to compete for a rare professional staff member job on the HPSCI doing program and budget oversight for intelligence community programs. After working for three chairmen and two parties, I went to the Sarnoff Labs as a VP, to create a Washington based operation to focus on defense and intelligence work. It turns out I probably learned more about commercialization than anything else at Sarnoff. Most improbably in the middle of all this, I worked for Touchstone Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott as a technical advisor for the film, “Enemy of the State”. I had a small role in the film typecast as a government executive.

ORINCON Corporation of La Jolla, Calif., decided to move into the intelligence business and brought me in, in 1997 to do it. Six years later we sold ORINCON and three subsidiaries to Lockheed Martin, where I stayed for two years doing strategy development. In April 2005 SAIC asked me to take over the business unit headquarted in Columbia MD and here I am today.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Please give our audience an overview of your business unit at SAIC.

Larry Cox: My organization, of approximately 2100 people, does systems engineering, architecture, software and hardware development and production, information assurance services and products and electronic records management for government and commercial customers.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Congratulations on the recent announcement regarding the award of a contract from the Department of Homeland Security to provide security services to Customs and Border Protection. Can you tell us about the solution SAIC will provide here?

Larry Cox: The single-award time and materials contract has a one-year base period, four one-year options and a total value of $39.2 million, if the customer exercises all options. For the DHS CBP Security and technology Branch, SAIC will perform work including certification and accreditation, security risk assessments, security test and evaluation, system architecture, communication security services, and technology policy and administration.