In The Boardroom With...

Robert Dodge
Executive Vice President
G4S Corporate Risk Services

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Thank you for joining us today, Robert. You’ve had a truly amazing career having worked on security and investigative projects in more than 90 countries and it’s an honor to speak with a security professional affiliated with many of our top National and International Security/Intelligence Agencies. Before drilling down into the new offering at G4S, the Risk Operations Center, please tell us more about your background.

Robert Dodge: I joined G4S in 2014 to oversee the operations and growth of G4S Corporate Risk Services, supporting clients across the globe to mitigate enterprise security risk threats.

Prior to G4S, I worked for 14 years as the International Senior Vice-President at Pinkerton, one of the world’s largest risk mitigation firms, where I was responsible for managing all International Offices and Operations in Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia along with the Global Supply Chain Security Consulting Division and Global Intelligence Division. 

I have also worked as a Corporate Investigator with global responsibility for a large multi-national high-tech corporation, and worked for a private investigations firm where I provided global investigations and security consulting services for corporate clientele in Silicon Valley. 

Throughout my career, I have managed and operated on security and investigative projects in more than 90 countries. I have specialized expertise in corporate investigations as well as risk, vulnerability and threat assessments, and also served honorably in the U.S. Navy and received a Bachelor’s Degree from Northeastern University.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: The 100 year track record for G4S in the security space with case studies in every vertical, say it all about G4S leadership, capabilities and expertise. Care to elaborate?

Robert Dodge: Yes, G4S has a long legacy in the security industry that actually stretches back more than 100 years. During that time, the company has evolved with the industry, growing from a guarding company to the diversified and modern operation that it is today. We are security risk advisors, security software developers, installers and technicians, security officers and personnel who serve clients with deep expertise across most vertical markets. 

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: We understand that G4S is now rolling out a brand new offering, the G4S Risk Operations Center (ROC). What is the goal and mission of ROC and what are the primary services?

Robert Dodge: The goal and mission of the ROC is to deliver cost-effective, risk mitigation solutions to our clients. What we’ve done with the ROC is combine our suite of Corporate Risk Services intelligence/travel risk management offerings,  security command and control function with our formerly separate remote video monitoring services into a single location. This streamlines our operations and creates more value for our clients. It also puts us into a leading position in the industry because we have paired elite analysts with the latest AI-driven algorithms and technologies. The result is the early detection and timely response to a wide spectrum of threats the two hallmarks of competent risk management. 

Here’s a breakdown of the ROC’s primary services: 

  • Situational Awareness Monitoring & Alerting: ROC analysts and operators have access to relevant news, social media, government information and other sources, all vetted by our powerful AI algorithm. Real-time alerts coupled with geo-fencing, visualization and push-communications functionality empowers clients to quickly make informed decisions to protect people and assets.

  • Travel Risk Management: G4S personnel actively track and manage client safety from departure to return, developing pre-travel advisory intelligence reports and on-demand, pre-travel security briefings. They also use geolocation software to track clients and provide in-country travel intelligence alerts (via text and mobile) to ensure clients remain safe and connected.  

  • Intelligence as a Service: G4S intelligence analysts are global subject matter experts on geopolitical risk, providing real-time analysis of events through impact analysis, media monitoring and social/web/dark web analysis. Our AI-augmented intel gathering enables clients to know immediately when an incident occurs, enabling them to coordinate the best response.

  • Global Crisis Management 24/7 Response: From natural disasters to workplace violence and executive protection, the ROC delivers immediate assistance during crises via our Global Asset Matrix (GAM) to identify experienced security and executive protection professionals who are nearby and available to provide services to customer locations. 

  • Security Data Analytics Reporting: G4S personnel collect and analyze data to identify security intelligence gaps and develop periodic reporting to help customers identify trends to design and deploy risk mitigation strategies and efficiencies.

  • Remote Video Monitoring: The G4S suite of remote video monitoring solutions include event monitoring, video verification, virtual patrol & chaperone, mass notification, intrusion, fire, life-safety monitoring, rapid video deployment and system diagnostic & retrieval. Using advanced technology, our team of highly trained and experienced operators act in real-time to protect client assets.

  • Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) as a Service: G4S provides a Global Security Operation Center (GSOC) (outsourced or augmented) solutions that integrates travel risk management, situational awareness monitoring and alerting, intelligence as a service, global crisis management response, security data analytics, remote camera and alarm monitoring that provides significant cost savings to customers. 

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: What is your perspective Robert regarding the unique value proposition that ROC will deliver to your customers?

Robert Dodge: The unique value proposition is the ROC represents a truly converged solution that brings together G4S’ risk intelligence, global security resources and monitoring into a single entity. It serves as a hub for all of the various spokes in a security program. It has global reach, and it’s driven by AI. Our competitors may provide many of the same services but most are not integrated and can not match our global presence with over 500,000 Security personnel in over 90 countries tied to a very potent command and control capability that we now have.  

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Today's threat landscape is persistent and complex, AI is a tool that can now enable earlier risk detection, how does G4S use AI technologies to mitigate risk?

Robert Dodge: You are right. Today’s threat landscape is persistent, complex and I would add that it is constantly evolving. We live in an age where we are flooded with information and clarity means power.  Getting our customers what they need to know and when is a critical component of the modern global risk management landscape. That’s where our AI platform comes into play by allowing us to separate the noise from the clear indications of risk, to get pertinent information and place it into context quickly so the best possible response can be initiated.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Can you tell us about some of the key services you will offer and where the GSOC is located?

Robert Dodge: The ROC is located at the G4S Americas Region Headquarters in Jupiter, Florida, with a backup site in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Our GSOC as a Service solution can deliver fully outsourced services or augment a client’s existing infrastructure, including travel risk management, situational awareness monitoring and alerting, intelligence as a service, global crisis management response, security data analytics, remote camera and alarm monitoring.

The ROC’s remote video monitoring solutions include real-time event monitoring, video verification, virtual patrol & chaperone, mass notification, intrusion, fire, life-safety monitoring, rapid video deployment and system diagnostic & retrieval. 

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: There are several companies in your space, what makes you different?

Robert Dodge: Yes, the G4S risk-based approach is the foundation for the partnerships we enter into with our clients. That is the basis of the journey. We understand that there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to security in today’s environment, so the first step is to help customers assess and understand their existing resources. With that clear understanding, we move on to step two by looking at all of the risks they face. Then, in step three, we work in partnership with the customer to create a customized security program that fits their needs and environment.  In essence what are they protecting? What are they protecting it from? And how can the risk be mitigated?

One of the most common responses I get when talking to clients about our risk-based approach and the breadth of our services is that customers are surprised to hear that we cover the entire security spectrum. Most people know G4S as a guard company, but we do so much more, including our corporate risk services, security software and technology offerings and systems integration services. Now that we have the ROC up and running, the market will become more aware that G4S provides fully integrated security solutions.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  How can those in the security community further engage with you and G4S about industry topics?

Robert Dodge: We are happy to engage with professionals in our industry and work to facilitate discussions in a variety of forums including participation at industry events, hosting Webinars on different topics and communicating directly with us on social media platforms, like LinkedIn. We also have a content hub called Security Risk iQ that features thought leadership articles that cover security industry trends like risk management, the evolving impact of big data and artificial intelligence, the latest technologies and cutting-edge solutions that mitigate risk in its many shapes and forms. Our thought leaders bring decades of experience and insight into the application of proven and innovative security solutions, programs and technologies that reduce risk to keep employees, visitors and assets safe. It's also home to our Free Security Risk Survey, where security professionals looking to rate the effectiveness of their security program can take a few minutes to receive an analysis of the highest-rated security risks they face.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Thanks again for joining us today, Robert.  Any other subjects you’d like to discuss?

Robert Dodge: I would like to thank you for taking the time to talk about the ROC and how G4S is innovating in the global risk management/security industry. I would also like to thank our clients for trusting us with their security needs.