In The Boardroom With...

Mr. Matt Barnette
AMAG Technology, Inc.

This is the 4th in our series of interviews with AMAG Technology. Please also see our previous interviews with: Ms. Jody Ross, Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Robert Sawyer, President & CEO and Mr. Matt Barnette, as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing in March 2012.

Updated March 31, 2016

AMAG Technology’s Symmetry CompleteView Video Management System Software v4.6.1 Available at ISC West

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Thank you for joining us again today, Matt! Please tell us what’s new at AMAG. 

Matt Barnette:  Thank you for having me. It’s been a year full of exciting adventures.  First we launched our new video product, Symmetry CompleteView, to bring our customers a superior video management product line, and now we’ve introduced Symmetry CONNECT™, our policy-based identity, access management and visitor management cloud-based software solution.

Symmetry CompleteView Video Management System is built on an open architecture to provide unlimited scalability for customers of any size and need.  The feature-rich VMS offers an easy to use platform where tasks are completed in fewer than three clicks of the mouse.  Customers can use interactive maps to manage their system.  The Symmetry PowerProtect NVR Server platforms support analog and IP technologies and systems ranging from a few doors to an enterprise system.   Security personnel can view their VMS remotely using Symmetry Touchview Mobile Apps.  Using an iPhone® or Android™ smartphone, iPad®, or iPod® touch, users can keep an eye on their facility from anywhere.  CompleteView’s Dynamic Resolution Scaling automatically sizes the video for live viewing, delivering a high quality image and reducing network usage.

But what I am really excited about is our new Symmetry CONNECT software. Symmetry CONNECT manages a companies’ operational needs.It automates how organizations can manage visitors, employees and contractors.  By automating processes, a company reduces manual errors and implements sustainable policies to operate more efficiently.  Organizations can be certain the right people have access to the right areas at the right times.

Symmetry CONNECT nicely rounds out our product line and positions AMAG as a true technology leader in the security industry.  AMAG Technology offers Symmetry Access Control for access, alarm and event monitoring and it contains a workflow engine, Symmetry CompleteView VMS for situational awareness and video management, and now Symmetry CONNECT for credential authentication, helping meet compliance requirements and visitor management to help companies operationalize and streamline their business.  AMAG offers users everything they need to efficiently and effectively secure and protect buildings, employees, visitors and assets.  And users can get this robust solution for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: We noticed AMAG has a new website and logo.  Would you like to comment on that?

Matt Barnette: We recently introduced our new company logo with the new added tagline, a G4S company.  This new logo for AMAG Technology signifies the uniting of the technology business units across the globe and its alignment with parent company, G4S.  

While the logo change is subtle for AMAG Technology in the USA, it strategically aligns AMAG internationally with our parent company G4S.  While each G4S solution is market leading on its own, G4S is the only company able to combine our offerings to deliver a comprehensive customer experience. G4S secures people, property and assets by providing unified solutions that focus on mitigating security risk, while reducing the total cost of security.  This risk-based approach from G4S encompasses a comprehensive suite of security products and services including risk consulting and investigations, security officers, systems integration, and integrated security software and technology.  AMAG Technology is proud to be part of this unique market approach to serving all the security needs of our customers.

Our three offices, Torrance, Burlington and Tewkesbury, UK are now all known as AMAG Technology, a G4S company, and our new logo and website reflect the coming together of the three offices to provide unification across our global company.  The newly designed website demonstrates our company alignment and globalization of our operations with G4S.  We are thrilled to offer our customers streamlined communications, combined resources and around the clock support.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: We understand that Symmetry offers a solution for Casi Rusco Picture Perfect, SecurePerfect and Facility Commander Access Control Systems which have reached the end of their natural life. Care to elaborate?

Matt Barnette:  Our Symmetry SR Controllers are a state-of-the-art access control system and can help migrate a customer from an obsolete Casi Rusco platform to a new Symmetry solution quickly, easily, at a low cost and with low risk.  When combined with Symmetry CompleteView Video Management and Symmetry Power Protect NVR, it delivers a powerful security management system for users of any size and market.  This is the best solution on the market for those converting from an old Picture Perfect or Secure Perfect Casi system and we have the references to prove it.

We were the first company to offer an upgrade path for the legacy Casi Rusco product over four years ago.  Since then, competitors have entered the space, but we have many advantages over them. We manufacture our own products, therefore can come to market quickly with added features and can offer guaranteed product availability because we own the technology. 

Many large customers have chosen AMAG for their upgrade path including Bank of America, Intuit and Yale University.  Unfortunately, I can’t mention more due to the customer requesting anonymity.  I can say we’ve landed a Fortune 20 global software and service company, the largest energy company in the Southeast U.S., and the most well-known building in New York, for starters.   They see the advantages of using their own readers, cards, enclosures and infrastructure, as well as our unique database conversion utility that will save end users countless hours of reworking data.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  2015 has been an exciting year for AMAG.  What’s next?

Matt Barnette:  We are moving ahead with our strategy to be known globally as the premier solution provider for Security Management Systems.  Our focus will be on grass-roots efforts to increase brand recognition, hiring the best people to provide our creed of exceptional customer service and developing futuristic products that solve customer’s sometimes complex, sometimes basic, security management needs.  We have support throughout North America from our sister G4S companies to assist and provide expertise where needed, and the vision and resources to make our goals a reality. With Symmetry, Symmetry CompleteView VMS and Symmetry CONNECT, AMAG’s powerful trifecta product offering, our customer get everything from ONE company and for a lot less than what our competitors are offering.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Thanks again for joining us today, Matt.

Matt Barnette:  Thanks for having me.