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Fred Nelson
Director of Sales
AMAG Technology

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Fred Nelson Director of Sales AMAG Technology Thank you for joining us today, Fred, and congratulations on your new position with AMAG. We understand that as Director of Sales your responsibilities include managing the Regional Sales Team. Before discussing your role in greater detail, please tell us about your background.

Fred Nelson: I started with AMAG in January 2022 and as you stated, I oversee the U.S. Regional Sales team.

My experience encompasses 20+ years of sales leadership. Before joining AMAG, I held several leadership positions at Cenveo Worldwide, most recently as the Vice President of Sales. Throughout my career, either as a direct contributor or a sales leader, my team and I have consistently achieved sales quotas. I am a strong believer in collaboration and working with both internal departments and external customers to meet and exceed organizational goals.

I also believe in personal development, and highly encourage my team to strive for excellence in their private life. Finding a balance between your personal and professional life is important.

I am also a youth soccer coach, and one of the achievements I am most proud of was in 2019 when I was selected as the United States Youth Soccer (USYS) Girls Recreational Soccer Coach of the Year. This was such an honor.  How would you describe your leadership mission and vision, Fred, and what are some of your guiding philosophies in coaching and working with your team?

Fred Nelson: In my long sales tenure, my leadership vision encompasses three main objectives: building strategic relationships, maximizing sales and finding and implementing the right motivational strategies. Building strategic relationships allow me and others to work together to achieve success. Maximizing sales allows me to provide value to existing customers, become their trusted advisor and help them succeed.  Implementing the right motivational strategies helps my team grow and maximizes their potential at work and home. These factors have led to my success. 

Status quo is never acceptable and I believe in driving change to position our team for successful outcomes. Working with internal and external teams are key to driving exceptional sales results. Past AMAG colleagues have shared with us that, “Our customer is at the heart of everything we do.” Care to elaborate on this theme, Fred, and also discuss “operational realities”?

Fred Nelson: AMAG would not be the company it is today without its customers. We want them to feel good about their decision to choose AMAG. When a customer chooses AMAG, they need to know we are always there to support them. As our new campaign states, “We’ve got your back!”  We want them to know we stand behind them and want them to be successful. When a security director chooses Symmetry, they can sleep at night or go on vacation and know their organization is safe.

Delving into our customer’s operational reality enables us to fully understand and build solutions that address our customer’s challenges and concerns. Too often, sales organizations get caught up in their own operational reality and don’t address the customer's pain. In the physical security world, we cannot let that happen. Too much is at stake. Understanding our customer's operational reality enables our team to recommend a solution that will solve our customer’s challenges.

Symmetry  AMAG awards and recognition, such as the recent Data Center Vendor Award, together with success stories and case studies here across all enterprise verticals: Government, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Commercial, Logistics, Education, speak volumes about AMAG capabilities. What is your perspective, Fred, on the unique value proposition that AMAG delivers to its customers?

Fred Nelson: AMAG’s unique value proposition is one of the main reasons I joined the company. There are many companies that offer access control, video or identity management solutions. What makes AMAG unique is that we offer a total solution that is developed in-house. We manufacture our own access control software and hardware, visitor management and identity management systems. Manufacturing our own hardware and software allows us full control over feature enhancing upgrades, ensuring continuity of supply for the long term. Our system is completely scalable, meaning a Symmetry Security Management System can operate in a small business or secure a large company, even with locations around the world.

Another key differentiator is AMAG incorporates an open architecture into its Symmetry solution. Symmetry integrates with ANY technology on the market, including other access control systems.  Integrating with other access control systems is important for large enterprise customers who acquire companies and take on the responsibility of managing the new company’s existing access control systems.  Integrating with those new systems simplifies the overall security management and lets the company issue one card for all systems. In addition, our support team provides complete support for all third-party products integrated with Symmetry. This is a huge relief for our customers who don’t want to jump around to different manufacturers when they have issues.

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DPD Netherland
Jamaica National Bank DPD Netherlands Please tell us about your team?

Fred Nelson:  We have a great sales team at AMAG!  We have a good mix of tenured reps and recent hires. This blend allows us to leverage the experience and success we have had over the years with the new excitement and enthusiasm that new hires bring to the team.  And team is the keyword here. Although each one is a direct individual contributor, the team looks out for each other and wants the best for everyone. They support each other.  There are no egos; everyone is all in for the success of the organization.  And, I would say that for the Business Development team and National Account team too.  The supportive culture helps with the company's mission of putting the customer first. ISC West, March 22-25, 2022, at the Venetian Expo, Las Vegas, is right around the corner (please visit AMAG at booth number is 25089).  Care to give us a sneak peek regarding any particular events or AMAG announcements at this years’ show?

Fred Nelson: We will be offering a sneak preview of two solutions that are scheduled to be released later this year. First is a new reporting and analytics tool that will provide better and easier reporting. And second is a new web-based client application for managing cardholders. In addition, we’ll be showing Symmetry Mobile, our new credential management platform that supports Return to Work initiatives and organizations transitioning to a mobile solution. 

I am looking forward to meeting many of our customers and learning more about their organizations, and it will be fabulous to spend time with my new co-workers who I am starting to get to know. Thank you again for joining us today Fred! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Fred Nelson: I would like to add that AMAG has been in the market for over 50 years and knows how to support customers in the long term. Our Symmetry solution can keep an organization operational for up to 20 years, and we continue to bring new value to our customers, most recently via our expansion into analytics, mobile applications and cutting-edge integrations.


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