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PG&E solutionsMr. David Rubin
Director of Service Analysis PG&E

David Rubin: PG&E supports renewable energy in a number of ways. First, we help customers install renewable energy systems on their facilities. We do this through financial incentives to help defray the capital costs, safe and timely interconnection of these projects to our grid, and net energy metering for qualifying technologies (primarily solar and wind). Furthermore, PG&E procures energy from renewable resources consistent with California's Renewable Portfolio Stan dard; 20% of the energy that we provide by 2010/2011 will be from qualifying renewable sources. More>>

bp solar solutionsMr. Paul Garvison
BP Solar Programs

Paul Garvison: BP was one of the first major energy companies to publicly acknowledge the need to reduce carbon emissions. BP Alternative Energy was set up in 2005 to make it happen. In a short time, we've made a real difference - and over the next 1 0 years we aim to invest $8bn in solar, wind, hydrogen and natural gas power technology and projects that will help reduce carbon dioxide further. More>>

Mr. Roger Little
Chief Executive Officer
Spire Corporation
Nasdaq: SPIR

As one of the first corporations in the solar business we are excited with the growth of the industry and its future prospects. There is no stopping it now. More>>

Mr. Ram Ambatipudi
Sr. Business Development Manager, chevron solutions
Renewable Energy
Chevron Energy Solutions
A Division of Chevron USA, Inc.

We are currently installing the largest solar parking structure project in higher education in the United States - a 1 MW PV carport shade structure at California State University, Fresno. This project is located in a highly visible campus parking lot and will provide shaded parking for hundreds of cars while generating clean, renewable electricity for the campus. More>>

Mr. Mike Taylor
Vice President of Americas Marketing
Honeywell Building Solutions

Honeywell will install, own and maintain solar panels on seven district buildings, and sell the electricity the panels produce to the district through a power purchase agreement. More>>

Marc Cortez
Director of Marketing
Sharp Electronics Solar Energy Solutions Group

Sharp Solar is the largest solar cell manufacturer in the world, with an overall capacity of 600 megawatts. We started the development of solar cells in 1959 and began mass production in 1963. Sharp is also the U.S. market leader and began solar assembly operations at its Memphis production facility in October 2003 to meet the increasing domestic demand for solar energy. With an annual production capacity of 60 MW, the Memphis manufacturing facility today assembles a variety of solar panels for residential and commercial installations, including integrated solar roof modules. As a corporation, Sharp is committed to achieving zero global warming impact by 2010, part of its long term commitment to solar and to the environment. More

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