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Mr. Ed Keegan
HP Enterprise Services

Mr. Geoffrey T. Craighead
ASIS International

Mr. Steve Lazerowich
HP Enterprise Services

Mr. Ryan Skipp
T-Systems International GMBH

Mr. Michael O'Neal

Mr. Robert Sawyer
AMAG Technology

Mr. Jim Miller

Mr. James McGowen




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We are proud to share with you these exclusive thought leadership interviews with key security industry leaders:

Mr. Ed Keegan, Director US Public Sector, HP Systems
Mr. Geoffrey T. Craighead, President, ASIS International
Mr. Steve Lazerowich, Director, Cybersecurity Solutioning, HP Enterprise Services
Mr. Ryan Skipp, Portfolio & Solution Design, T-Systems International GMBH
Mr. Michael O'Neal, President, Linear
Mr. Robert Sawyer, President & CEO, AMAG Technology
Mr. Jim Miller, ImageWare Systems, Chairman and CEO
Mr. James McGowan, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, CyberLock

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HPMr. Ed Keegan, Director US Public Sector, HP Systems told us "CM represents a maturation of information technology. Over the past 15 to 20 years, various tools have been created to address individual problems, such as perimeter protection, endpoint protection, data loss prevention and so on. Once implemented, the tools are presumed to be doing the job. Therefore, original information assurance programs were written to ensure these tools were present — not to ensure they were integrated and operating properly. CM represents the next logical step in this process —automated, continuous auditing of the cyber environment to ensure proper configuration along with proactive monitoring for threats and vulnerabilities. This will ensure security compliance resulting in the prioritization and initiation of actions required to further secure the governments’ information and systems. More

Mr. Geoffrey T. Craighead, President, ASIS International told us"ASIS 2012 took place in the great city of HPPhiladelphia and drew nearly 20,000 from around the world. One of the most significant events of the year was a visit from Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. In speaking to the Seminar attendees on Monday, Sept. 10, she highlighted the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) collaboration with the private sector on cybersecurity and protecting our nation’s critical cyber infrastructure. “From government and law enforcement to the private sector and members of the public, everyone has a role to play in protecting against cyber threats,” she remarked.. . More

HPMr. Steve Lazerowich, Director, Cybersecurity Solutioning, HP Enterprise Services, U.S. Public Sector, told us,"Today, there is simply no way to provide 100% protection. As events have recently shown, it’s not just the bad guys on the outside trying to gain access to your information; organizations must also be mindful of the insider threat.  The best approach is defense in depth, or in other words, a multi-layered approach to protecting systems.  It starts at the outer most perimeter with firewalls and network intrusion prevention systems. Systems need to be segregated on separate network segments so that a failure in one area does not expose all systems.  Servers also need their own end point protection including host intrusion detection, malware protection, data encryption and white listing technology. . More 

Please download HP's article "Building Security In"

For more information: Cybersecurity for U.S. Public Sector

Mr. Ryan Skipp, Portfolio and Soution Design, T-Systems told us"T-Systems as an Outsourcing & Service Provider has to provide base infrastructure services which meet the cost and quality expectations that a company transitioning to outsourced services would expect – better than they as an end-user could produce, with better quality, and lower cost!  In order to achieve that, T-Systems was one of the first Outsourcers to produce a “Cloud” platform, based on highly shared leveraged infrastructure, and with a number of pre-defined applications on top of that.  Today we have enhanced that infrastructure, and wrapped the Cloud functionality into it, all the way up to self-service (to application level) for our Private Cloud clients. . More

HPMr. Michael O'Neal, President, Linear told us "There are numerous new products and services being launched this year by Linear. As an example, in our Security business unit, Linear will release a new wireless security alarm system platform under its own brand. Along with the new security system, Linear will offer a cloud based interactive service that allows end-users to control their system from anywhere using a smart phone or browser. From our Access Control business unit, Linear will also be releasing a new IP-based access control platform extending the range of products from entry level to enterprise level solutions. Additionally, from our Health & Wellness business unit, Linear will continue to add peripherals and technology to the 4200-series emergency response system platform just released in late 2012, as we strengthen our Health & Welless solutions portfolio. More

Mr. Robert Sawyer, President, AMAG Technology told us "AMAG’s Symmetry Security Management System provides a powerful integrated solution for organizations requiring automated security. Solutions are available for facilities of any size — from small offices requiring just a few card readers or cameras to large corporations or high security facilities spread over multiple sites and countries. In addition to our Symmetry access control software and intelligent controllers, we offer Symmetry Video Management with Visualizer Encoders and Symmetry Intrusion Detection to provide our customers with a total solution. We are also getting ready to launch our own network camera line, truly making AMAG a one stop shop for a total security solution. In addition, we integrate with best-in-breed technology partners in the industry to offer in-demand solutions to our customers. More

IntelMr. Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO, ImageWare Systems told us "Los Angeles World Airport is the flagship deployment for our next generation biometric identity management and advanced credentialing platform. When this solution is fully implemented—which we expect by Q4 2012—it will not only deliver a state of the art biometric-based airport credentialing solution, but will also ensure that the Los Angeles World Airports can adapt this credentialing solution to meet developing needs and evolving technology capabilities, thus "Future Proofing" their investment for the long term. Our BE 2.0 platform allows our clients to treat biometrics as a “plug-and-play” model while safeguarding the underlying data. Our recent selection in Ecuador to provide biometric credentials for the country’s seaports is a replication of this implementation in the Spanish language. More

CyberLock shared with us the following product news…
"We are excited to announce the addition of the CyberAudit SP-100 Server to the CyberLock access control family. This device has been designed to simplify and accelerate the installation and maintenance of a CyberLock system.

Unified Hardware and Software Solution The SP-100 comes preloaded with CyberAudit Professional 3.0 software.

Easy to Use Self-configuring one-click registration and an easy-to-use browser-based interface makes for quick and easy installations.

Flexible Network Configuration The SP-100 can be set up as a DHCP server in a private network, on a network with a static IP address, or on a network with a DNS server.

Access from Any Operating System Like the software-only version, CyberAudit Professional 3.0 can be accessed through web browsers installed on any of the leading operating systems. No additional software to download. No ActiveX plug-ins to install.

Reliable Hardware The hardware is based on the Next Unit of Computing (NUC) solution from Intel®."

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For more information:  More

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