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ABOUT US features thought leadership interviews about: AI, Biometrics, Cybersecurity, IT, IoT, Robotics, Physical Security, the Metaverse, COVID-19 back-to-work solutions and 5G.


Since 1999, our flagship “In The Boardroom” platform, has featured thought leadership, and content marketing, from the following leading security brands. We invite you to join our'll be in good company!

Metrics tell us that this type of “messaging” is more effective than any other type of advertising because the high engagement time results in high quality leads for new business.


This leading edge content has enabled us to achieve 1st page Google Rankings* for "Secure ID Solutions" which, in turn, has enabled us to achieve excellent traction in Mainstream Media* to assure the guaranteed placement of your messaging in these major channels for highly effective branding and new business Lead Generation.**

Mainstream Media Placement. Here are just a few examples in the USA (such as Boston HeraldChicago Daily Herald,  NBC News,  USA Today ), EMEA (such as the Financial Times), and APAC (such as PR Wire India). 

 Trade Media Placement. Here are just a few examples of security trade media placements.

** Guaranteed Leads. Please click here for examples of leads we have delivered to one of our advertisers…you will note that all verticals are represented and that the “job titles” represent the “deciders” and “influencers” you want to reach for new business. 


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We deliver important and significant advantages versus “earned media”:

  • You control the content and messaging “In The Boardroom”
  • You control the timing
  • We enable unlimited updates
  • We deliver new business leads via guaranteed exposure in mainstream media and during this pandemic, with all the in-person trade shows being cancelled, our ability to deliver highly qualified leads and brand awareness is more important than ever before
  • All the elements of our content marketing and lead generation program are customized for YOUR brand to reach the deciders and influencers in YOUR target markets
  • Your content and messaging will also be published on our 1st page Google site which will boost your SEO

Please visit our Homepage for examples of “In The Boardroom” interviews and please visit our Press Room for additional examples of our traction in main stream media.

For a complete summary of our Value Proposition, please click here.

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If this type of exposure, brand awareness, and lead generation is of interest to you...we would be happy to give you a quick tour and show you exactly how your brand will be featured and show you the results we have delivered for other brands in your space.

Please contact our Publishing Team Leader, Ali Eng via Email, LinkedIn, or Twitter.


Here is additional information about our demographics and examples of website visitors
Visitors by Company Size:

  • 31% of visitors are C-level management
  • 21% of visitors work in large enterprise (Fortune 500 company)
  • 32% of visitors work in higher end of mid-size companies (Fortune 500-Fortune 2000)
  • 36% of visitors work in work in small business enterprises