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We are searching for a national sales manager for a CCTV manufacturer that grew it's business over 100% last year and recently new IP video products. The position reports to the President of the company. We are looking for someone based in the Midwest.

One of the searches we are currently conducting is for well-recognized national systems integration firm seeking to add a Director of Marketing to their executive team. As this organization has experienced dramatic growth over the past few years, this is a critical role which will lead the company’s efforts to communicate a consistent approach to their broad customer base. This strategic position reports to the President, and is based in the West. Unlike most traditional marketing roles, this individual will also lead nationwide sales team development, sales training programs, and National Accounts for the company.

Tom Verzuh
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In The Boardroom With...

Mr. Tom Verzuh
SCW Consulting Thanks for joining us today, Tom. You’ve had an interesting background in the Physical Security Industry. Please give us an overview of your background and your team at SCW.

Tom Verzuh: Collectively, our team has over 45 years of experience in the physical security industry and over 28 years in active recruiting of impact players. Our goal is to recruit and place top quality candidates for critical positions within our client companies. We strive to place only candidates that have a strong work ethic. They must also possess the desire to improve themselves and attain the professional level of the client company they join.

Prior to starting SCW Consulting, Inc. in 2000, I spent 15 years in the Physical Security Industry working for major CCTV and Access Control manufacturing companies. I have held sales, sales management and executive level positions during my career. I work both nationally and internationally with security industry companies to place a wide range of personnel. I specialize in mid-to-senior level sales and marketing candidates. I work primarily with security manufacturing and systems integration clients.

Chris Staniforth has been with SCW Consulting for three years. Previous to joining this company he spent 12 years in the Physical Security/life safety/fire industry working for a major CCTV and Access Control manufacturing company in sales and executive level managerial roles. His industry experience includes profit/loss responsibility and managing inside sales, outside sales, sales managers, system specialists, vertical markets, applications design, field engineering, field techs and integration/commissioning of enterprise systems.

Rebecca Bayne has been a search and recruitment professional since 1999. She has been with SCW for over six years and focuses on Systems Integration for the Physical Security/Fire Safety Industry in the Western United States. Ms. Bayne has conducted searches for -- and worked with all levels of -- technical, operations, sales, and management professionals. Prior to joining SCW Consulting, Inc. in 2001, her area of specialization was information technology, recruiting senior network infrastructure professionals.

Greg Patrick specializes in placing Senior Management, General Managers, Project Managers, VP Sales, Sales Managers, Sales Reps and Technicians. Greg focuses on Fire, Life Safety and Physical Security System Integration companies and Dealers in the Eastern Region of the United States. Prior to joining SCW in 2001, Greg spent 8 years working for a leading Semi-conductor manufacturer holding a variety of roles in Sales, Sales Support, Production and Supply-chain management. What is the niche of SCW in the physical security marketplace?

Tom Verzuh: We work with the leading physical security manufacturers and VAR's with a strong emphasis on the companies that work in the convergence of physical and logical security including IP video, video analytics and networked appliances. We place a wide range of personnel including executive and senior management, business development directors, regional salespeople, sales engineers, product managers and vertical market specialists. We work with publicly traded companies, entrepreneurial companies, and VC-funded companies. We work with companies that have a compelling story to tell and those which treat their people with respect. Without giving away any confidential information, are there one or two success stories you care to mention?

Tom Verzuh: We have an outstanding relationship with one of the security industries leading national systems integration companies. Over the past five years we have helped them in rebuilding the majority of the senior management team in the Western US. In addition we placed many of their key mid-level managers and sales people. On the manufacturing side, in the last five years we have placed three VP level people with a company that has enjoyed phenomenal sales growth during this time. They have gone from the $10 million dollar range to well over $50 million in revenue during this time. We see that SCW also specializes in the Healthcare Information Systems Industry. What is SCW’s niche in this market?

Tom Verzuh: Our niche in the Healthcare Information Systems is focused on the information technology used with hospitals, physician practices, and managed care companies that provide seamless systems for all electronic medical records (EMR) and CPR (Computerized Patient Records). This includes radiology, pharmacy, laboratory, billing, coding, nursing/clinical, surgery, emergency, and other computerized systems to managed healthcare information data and the services provided by the care facility. Are there one or two projects in this market you’d like to talk about?

Tom Verzuh: One of the industry’s leading software vendors was attempting to land a contract with a group of community hospitals. These projects were driven solely by our client having the specific talent on board in a timely manor after being awarded the contract. We were able to locate the specialized talent for the specific implementation project, meeting tight deadlines at our customer’s sites. Without the talent, they would have lost the contract that represented millions of dollars in revenue. Please tell us about the MRI Network – when did you become an affiliate of that network and what capabilities do they bring to the table?

Tom Verzuh: SCW Consulting, Inc. became a part of MRINetwork™ in June of 2000. We are an independently owned franchise of MRINetwork™. MRINetwork has 850 offices in the US and 250 outside of the US. It is the largest executive search firm in the world, enjoying a global reach of over 1,100 offices. We offer a broad range of state-of-the-art services and resources to enable our clients and candidates to successfully fulfill their unique goals. A short list of these services would be the ability to do international searches, complete relocation assistance and a worldwide network to “tap into” if our clients have needs beyond our offices capabilities. What resources are available for candidates on Can they search for open positions? Who should they contact if they see a fit?

Tom Verzuh: We offer many resources for candidates including career planning and career management tips, resume tips, interviewing recommendations, assistance with resigning and industry expertise. Candidates can search for open positions on our website,, but we strongly urge them to contact us directly as the majority of positions we are working on, especially high profile positions, are not posted. We also work with our relocation partner, FAS, who is exclusive to the MRI network. FAS relocates thousands of people annually and can provide excellent information as to housing costs, school, churches, clubs, etc. to ensure a smoother transition for the family relocating. For companies seeking to fill key positions – how do you work? Contingency? Retained Search?

Tom Verzuh: We work on an engaged basis, meaning there is an up front payment to initiate the search with the balance of our service charge due when the candidate begins employment. Many companies tell us they have been unhappy with the results of retained as well as contingent searches. Retained searches usually put most of the risk upon the client. With a contingent search, many firms do not make a concerted effort to truly help the client find the proper talent. With an engaged agreement, both parties have a vested interest. If we don't produce, we reimburse the company for the up-front payment. I'm proud to say that, to date, our firm has successfully filled 100% of engaged searches we have taken, with the exception being positions that have been canceled due to reorganizations or shifting priorities. Our clients inform us that the open communication channel in an engaged search saves them time and money versus a contingent search. Does SCW offer Contract Staffing services?

Tom Verzuh: Yes, we have the ability to assist our clients with contract hiring if they have either short or midterm staffing needs, or would simply prefer to bring someone on board without a long-term commitment. Are you involved in international projects?

Tom Verzuh: SCW is involved in international projects. We work with our vast network of global partners to help North American physical security companies find impact players throughout the world.

Many of the leading European, Israeli and Asian manufacturers with leading edge or even bleeding edge technology in physical security lack an understanding of how to go to market in North America. Our expertise can increase the likelihood of success of a company entering the North American physical security market. What differentiates SCW from other recruiting firms in physical security?

Tom Verzuh: Our collective experience is in the physical security industry and SCW Consulting is not what I call a “resume mill”. When our clients ask us for assistance, we screen for premier talent by utilizing our vast research team and our vast network of contacts to locate people with the keystone characteristics that our client desires. We carefully work together with our clients to craft the proper message to bring to the market. We do not ask the client to look at all of the resumes in our system or email them a large amount of unscreened resumes, asking them to "let us know if there is anyone that looks interesting". We obtain consent from the candidate prior to presenting their profile to a client. When a candidate submits their information to us, they can be assured that their resume won’t be sitting on the desk of 75 companies tomorrow. It seems like security issues are front page news every day of the week. What’s your perspective on the growth of the physical security industry in the next few years?

Tom Verzuh: Obviously, there is going to be tremendous growth in solutions that offer open architecture with networked appliances. IP Video will continue to experience explosive growth as well as video analytics. As logical and physical security systems migrate into one, the barriers to enter the security market which were once minimal will continue to be more costly. Profit margins will increase for those companies who understand convergence, and there will be a shortage of talent of people who truly understand the unique challenges and dynamics of the physical security industry. We are already seeing a whole new set of major players including IBM, Cisco and Seagate leveraging their solutions and brand name recognition to enter the physical security market -- and many more will do so. Our firm has added people who are specially focused on the Information Transport Systems sector as well. What recommendations can you provide for companies in order to increase the likelihood of a successful hire and for retaining employees?

Tom Verzuh: As the demographics of the “baby boomers” exit the workforce and the next generation enters the work force, we will see approximately 10 million fewer potential employees. This will force companies to dramatically improve the “on-boarding” and retention of all employees, especially the key employees. Companies need to be putting in place long-term retention incentives and closely watch the way in which they mange employees. Money is almost never the reason employees stay at a company. It is typically the person they report to, the feeling that they are a key part of the company and that their input matters. Things like equity, flexible working hours and environment will be critical. Companies need to also take a longer-term perspective on the hiring and firing of employees. Having a major RIF after a bad quarter or two will have a much longer negative impact on hiring future employees than in the past. Tom, many thanks for joining us today. Are there any other subjects you’d like to talk about?

Tom Verzuh: Not that we haven’t already covered. I do want to mention that I appreciate your time today, and also encourage anyone who has a question to feel free to contact our company.