PSA Security

In The Boardroom With...

Mr. Bill Bozeman, CPP
President & CEO
PSA Security Network

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Each year PSA TEC continues to grow. What can attendees look forward to at the 2017 event?

Bill Bozeman: For over 40 years, PSA has been holding TEC to assist security integrators in improving the security industry at all levels, from technicians all the way to owners and company presidents. We change the education sessions and certifications based on the emerging trends each year. This year we have added more tracks focusing on Audio-Visual/Communications, Procurement, Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR), and continue our commitment to Cybersecurity courses as well. We have increased the number of sessions offered and even expanded our presence to cover two locations.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: How will the RMR tracks benefit attendees when they return to the office?

Bill Bozeman: RMR has been a growing topic of conversations and PSA has put together eight sessions that will focus on technologies and best practices to help make integrators make it a reality in their companies. Attendees will hear from industry pros on how to offer services and establish procedures to support the RMR business model. The commoditization of security products necessitates an evolution to the traditional security integrator business model. The security industry is changing and it’s important to us that we provide the tools and education to integrators that will allow them to stay relevant and competitive for the long-term.  

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: PSA has been expanding their Cybersecurity presence. Will that continue at TEC?

Bill Bozeman: Absolutely! Cybersecurity will always be important to PSA. We have a Cybersecurity Committee made up of integrators and other cybersecurity professionals including IT executives, security consultants and engineers, cybersecurity experts and cyber attorneys who are dedicated to this topic. They, along with a host of other cybersecurity authorities will be offering sessions at TEC. Our vision for the cybersecurity program is that we continue to help bring awareness to this issue in the industry and Identify solutions, tools, and resources that integrators can use in their business.
This year, we are thrilled to have Matthew Rosenquist, Cyber Security Strategist for Intel Corporation speaking at TEC this year. He is a renowned cyber strategist and evangelist with over 25 years in the field of security and he will lead a keynote on the top three cybersecurity risks that businesses face and offer recommendations on how security professionals can become part of the solution and not a victim.  
Cybersecurity is such an imperative part of our industry that even though we try to be proactive, we also need to be prepared to be reactive. The cybersecurity track at TEC offers sessions that address every stage.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: You mention Matthew Rosenquist being at TEC. Where can attendees hear him speak?

Bill Bozeman: Matthew Rosenquist’s keynote presentation will be on Tuesday, May 9 during breakfast. We decided that we wanted to bring in a spokesman from a reputable company that would be able to address our attendees about cybersecurity issues and provide actionable recommendations. Matthew’s background as a Cybersecurity Strategist for Intel Corp and 25 years in the field of security made him a great fit. He specializes in strategy, measuring value, and developing cost-effective capabilities and organizations which deliver optimal levels of security. Matthew helped with the formation of the Intel Security Group, an industry leading organization bringing together security across hardware, firmware, software, and services. He is an outspoken advocate of cybersecurity and we are thrilled to he will be at TEC to share his expertise.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: What does TEC have to offer the Audio-Visual market?

Bill Bozeman: In November 2016, we announced that we are expanding our footprint into the audio-visual and communication market. The cross-over between the physical security and the audio-visual market has been happening for some time, but with more and more systems become network-based in security and A/V application, it is happening more and more. This encouraged us to increase our product offerings and offer security integrators a chance to expand into A/V and give A/V integrators a chance to expand into security where it makes sense. The sessions within our new A/V track at TEC will address a wide range of topics that can provide excellent information to different levels within a company on how to take advantage of this crossover. There will be some new vendors exhibiting on the show floor on Wednesday and we are excited to offer this opportunity for attendees to network with these vendors.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: What is your favorite part of TEC each year?

Bill Bozeman: The people involved at TEC are the best in the industry. Having the chance to meet attendees, vendors, sponsors, and speakers make the networking component of TEC so invaluable. TEC brings in a wide variety of professionals from systems integration companies (technicians, engineers, sales and marketing teams, and executives) so it’s a great opportunity for PSA to really take a pulse with the integrator community that we don’t get to see every day and who are not typically at other industry conferences. We always say that TEC is built on education first, but the networking and relationships that come out of this event are unlike what others experience at some of the larger format industry events out there.