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Mr. Dustin Laun

Co-Founder and CTO


SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Thank you for joining us today, Dustin. Before discussing MOBOTOUR solutions in greater detail, please tell us about your background and please give us a brief company history?

Dustin Laun: We appreciate the opportunity.  I have 15+ years of executive and technological leadership spanning startups and large commercial technology companies.  Mobotour is the 4th product I’ve architected from the ground up for various start ups. I’m also fortunate to advise Federal government leadership on how to behave like a startup and speak publicly on this topic.

Mobotour was founded in 2013 with the mindset of please your customer and make the complex simple. It was the vision of Jon Mitchell, a Sergeant in the Atlanta Police Department and co-founder. Jon wanted to bring back integrity to the security guard world and asked if we could build a mobile app that would ensure guards would make their rounds while doing neighborhood patrols. In less than two weeks we built version 1 and had  our first satisfied customer, prestigious Ansley Park.  Our team is very keen on listening before solving problems, hence we listened to a few more prospects added key features and now serving close to 100 customers in 3 countries.

We’re proud to say that we have 1.7m+ scans in our system, 265k+ form submissions with 100% uptime in our short history.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: One will read on MOBOTOUR.com that your mobile touring system is "simple, mobile, and accountable."What is MOBOTOUR and how does it work?

Dustin Laun: That is a great question!  MoboTour is a mobile workforce accountability app that automates business challenges. Companies often consume services such as security, property management, and janitorial without visibility into whether or not services rendered are what you should be paying for.

We provide a mobile app that works on IOS and Android smart phones and tablets. Once installed, the individual workers can use their mobile device to scan checkpoints, take photos as needed, check off tasks required of them, and submit forms(incidents, daily activity sheets, etc) from the mobile device. This information is then time/date and gps stamped and uploaded in real time to a web based portal. The information submitted to the portal can be viewed in dashboards or scheduled as html/pdf reports to the necessary stakeholders.  This means that clients or customers can instantly access everything. Having a cocktail on the beach in Bali? Just login to MoboTour with an internet connection and analyze your information. Not bad, eh?

Simple = 4 basic app functions, no installation and configuration done in minutes
Mobile = phones, tablets, and ipod touches
Accountable = Real time and immediate reporting so you know the services rendered are the ones you should be paying for.

While we intentionally focused in the security guard industry, you can easily see the product has applications in many markets because all companies have similar challenges that can be solved in an economical way.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: What is your perspective, Dustin, on MOBOTOUR’s unique value proposition in today’s IoT environment?

Dustin Laun: This is an extremely exciting topic for us!  We started with playing with google glasses to start off with. There are so many areas of workforce accountability that can be enhanced with this simple tool.

Until recently the other most interesting toys we had to play with are RFIDs and GPS coordinates.  IBeacons have taken the retail industry by storm. We quickly realized the value and application of this bluetooth enabled technology and implemented it. Even in the last year we’ve seen the prices drop, the power of the SDKs increase and the true passive but proactive nature come to life.  As workers walk in areas, tasks will magically appear, portals will be automatically notified and no one had to lift a finger.

If we take a new firmware approach to wireless access points and geofencing in the retail space and apply this to our industry the sky’s the limit. We’ll be able for the first time to do true overlay of where every human is and can communicate with them proactively inside of any space.

Let’s take it a step further. Available on the market today are small robots that can patrol spaces leveraging photo recognition capabilities to report back items that aren’t correct or seem out of place.  Adding onto this, google is working on finger control technology that will allow you to mimic actions with your hands and have the action report back to a machine.  For example, I as a guard could walk by a check point. Extend my index finger like I’m touching a hard surface, however I’m not and the action is completed.

The Moboteam has the distinct advantage here as we’re already thinking way ahead of where most companies are or can even envision in our space.

That’s a lot of secret sauce there, we will leave the rest to our internal imaginations.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Congratulations on the recent ‘wins” with Allied Barton, the Houston Zoo, and East Atlanta Security Patrol. Care to elaborate for us regarding the solution MoboTour delivered here.

Dustin Laun: Thank you very much as we’re extremely proud of our successes.

Allied Barton is an amazing company and we are honored to serve them. They saw the benefits of Mobotour day one as an early adopter. Often, Allied has clients that don’t have large budgets, therefore other systems on the market can’t be leveraged. We play very well here. Per ASIS Security magazine, we helped solve their Bank of America issues quickly. This was our first opportunity with them. From there we continued to deliver on our promises and show how reliable the product is and have continued to expand. We help them in hospitals, universities, high end office spaces, condos and other areas.  All of this is achieved because of our hyper-efficient operation with very low overhead

The Houston Zoo is a great story as their director of security found us online. As you can imagine it’s not often a ‘Zoo’ comes to mind as leveraging technology in the security department.  Houston Zoo is extremely cutting edge in all areas and saw the benefits Mobotour could bring to the staff.  After a quick pilot period, they went live and successfully patrolling the Zoo to ensure all is copacetic.  Because of the vision of the Houston Zoo, it’s inspired us to help this industry that is in need.

East Atlanta is another instance of keeping a very large neighborhood safe and secure.  There is a group of off duty police officers that patrol a very large zone.  Our technology enables the officers to take notice of anything out of order in the neighborhood as well as follow checkpoints of high importance.  We love simple and secure!  

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  Any other success stories use cases you’d like to talk about?

Dustin Laun: We wish we could talk publically about all of our amazing customers.  There are a couple that stand out which we can speak of generically.  Recently we had a competitive situation where we won. We had an online inquiry from a major County in south Florida.  The Parks and Rec division piloted our technology to ensure all is in order in one of their major parks. In less than a week they were convinced and have since expanded into 5 other parks. The feedback on the simplicity, onboarding, and reports has been extremely positive.

Another story we are proud of is a major major entertainment company is using our technology to ensure their staff is doing what they should as well as taking notice of items needed in side of a motion picture studio.

The above examples simply show the versatility in the types of challenges Mobotour can solve. Definitely exciting times!!

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: What are your key target markets?

Dustin Laun: When we speak of markets, the sky’s the limit! Our technology is positioned to be the leader in Traditional Security Companies, Property Management, Condominium/Apartment complexes, Universities, Hospitals, Hospitality, Parks and Rec, and many others. We have a piece of each of the markets and continue expand at a rapid pace.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: The MOBOTEAM has some impressive credentials in law enforcement and business development. Please give us a brief overview of your management group.

Dustin Laun: It’s very interesting as we definitely feel the talent in the management is unmatched.  We are a humble team, however I’ll share a few tidbits.

Our CEO is Jeannette Lee.  Jeannette has founded and successfully sold a couple of companies.  She’s been acknowledged as one of the 100 most powerful women in DC as well inducted into the INC hall of fame for being a 5 time INC 500 winner.

Co-founder and Visionary, Jon Mitchell serves as a 15 year veteran in the Atlanta Police Department and currently a Sergeant. Jon’s industry knowledge and deep relationships are key to Mobotour success. He brings instant credibility to an already credible company and product.

Co-founder, Corporate Customer Experience and Strategy, Brian Smith, comes to us as a 15 year technology executive. He once served as VP, NA for one of the largest mobile development firms. Brian has been a Management Consultant and solved complex problems for 100s of Fortune 500 businesses and continues to be a trusted advisor/mentor to startup CEOs.

I gave my bio in the initial post. My main expertise is taking very complicated and complex scenarios and turning them into a simplified user experience.  Often we don’t know how terribly difficult it is to perform this feat.

The Mobotour leadership team is among the best I’ve ever served with.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Thanks again for joining us today, Dustin. Are there any other subjects you would like to discuss?

Dustin Laun: Our partners include reputable nationwide security firms, and their clients such as property mgmt / condos, parks, hospitals, campuses, are very happy with our product. We have 99% client retention the last 3 years! We are always looking for high-quality, growth-oriented companies in these verticals, to continually replicate the successes we're having with all of our partners.

We continue to look for great talent also as Mobotour is an exciting company to be a part of.  We’re looking to announce an affiliate program soon - stay tuned. Please follow us on social media.


We want to express our gratitude for the opportunity and extended thank you to the audience for taking the time to read this.  In addition, we want to thank our clients as happy customers are the key to every company’s success.

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