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Mr. David Harding
SVP & Chief Technical Officer

ImageWare Systems, Inc. 

Updated May 14, 2019

David Harding, SVP and Chief Technical Officer, ImageWare Systems, Discusses Growing Worldwide Traction of Biometric Authentication

David Harding, SVP & Chief Technical Officer, ImageWare® Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: IWSY), a leader in mobile and cloud-based two-factor, multi-factor, and biometric multimodal authentication and identity management solutions, sat down with Mobile ID World to talk about cybersecurity threats and the global growth of biometric authentication.


For the complete discussion, click here: https://blog.iwsinc.com/cto-david-harding-interview.

Important Highlights from that Discussion:

Mobile ID World: ImageWare recently introduced the ImageWare Digital Identity Platform, what makes this new solution standout in the biometrics market and how does it fit in with the rest of ImageWare’s product line?

David Harding: The ImageWare Digital Identity Platform combines the most robust identity proofing capabilities with the broadest and most complete set of multi-factor and biometric authentication methods. We have always had a robust platform and a robust set of products for two-factor and multi-factor identity authentication as well as full identification capabilities. But now, with complete integration of all these products, all factors of identity proofing and authentication are combined into a cohesive product set. This allows our customers to create and manage digital and biometric identities using fully vetted government issued documents, reliable biometric authentication, and a fully managed digital identity life cycle.

Mobile ID World: High profile data breaches and the way we work has changed with the rise of the sharing economy, remote contract workers – making identity proofing and authentication an important aspect of the enterprise discussion. How does ImageWare’s Digital Identity Platform fit into this new modern workplace?

David Harding: To answer that allow me to highlight a few of our key strengths in that area:

One – we can use any type of authentication device: mobile devices, desktops, laptops, physical access control devices, anything.

Two – we integrate not just at the endpoint but at the enterprise authentication source. We are directly integrated into Windows Active Directory for both two-factor and multi-factor biometric authentication. We do the same thing with Linux, IBM ISAM, ForgeRock, CA SSO, SAP HANA, and more.

Three - we are verifying the identity prior to enrollment. That ensures that the identity enrolled is the identity in question.

Mobile ID World: You mentioned some of ImageWare’s partners and you have a really impressive partner network including big names like Fujitsu, IBM, Verizon, ForgeRock, among others. What makes a robust partner network so important in today’s biometrics landscape?

David Harding: The companies that you have mentioned are leaders in scalable identity management. However, they are not leaders in scalable multimodal biometric platforms that can support hundreds of millions of identities across multiple biometric modalities. So, the partnerships we have cultivated are very symbiotic and complementary. 

Our competitors often make similar promises.  However, they don’t provide the scalability nor the depth of capability and features based on the depth of our multimodal intellectual property and multi-patented technology.  That’s why our partnerships are such a great fit.

Mobile ID World: ImageWare is already established in healthcare and is seen as something of a pioneer for bringing biometrics to that space. How has the healthcare biometrics market changed in recent years and what do you see as driving this new interest?

David Harding:   Personal healthcare information is extremely personal, sensitive, and it doesn’t change. It’s shocking that the vast majority of health records are secured by PINs and passwords, which have an 81 percent failure rate.

To that point, ImageWare Systems recently announced that a global leading payments and financial technology provider has selected our GoVerifyID biometric authentication solution. 

Congress passed the 21st Century Cures Act in 2016 that mandates states implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for all Medicaid personal care and all health services beginning in 2020.

So, we see healthcare just as you do - a rapidly expanding market for multimodal biometrics.

Mobile ID World: Taking on a wider picture of everything, and we have touched on some of this already, but what are some highlights of ImageWare’s 2019 so far?

David Harding:  Well 2019 is gearing up to be an exciting year and what can you expect to see from us? More and better - - more partners, more integrations, more biometric options, better platform enhancements including increased scalability and efficiency and most importantly, more success. 

A final note: stronger passwords don’t work.  We’ve seen how they fail. Even two-factor authentication on its own has significant vulnerabilities that can be exploited.  So, we have to ask ourselves, don’t we all have a social responsibility to provide a safe and secure world? At ImageWare, we believe we do.  Our continuous innovations, supported by over 20 biometric technology patents worldwide help make that a reality.