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Chris Cavallo, Managing Partner, CSI-Secure SolutionsChris Cavallo

Managing Partner
CSI-Secure Solutions

Surveillance is our primary service offering especially in workers compensation and personal injury cases. We also provide skip tracing services of claimants who have committed insurance fraud and once found we conduct comprehensive background investigations inclusive of in-depth social media Research. Often times with social media we can prove that the claimants we are investigating exceeding their physical capabilities when they are supposedly injured or unable to have physical competency. We also may research during the discovery process documentation showing that the claimant has prior fraud cases associated with him/her. The Attorneys and insurance carriers who retain our services may request that we interview neighbors, colleagues, associates and other employees known to the claimant that can give testimony relative to fraud being committed by the claimant.

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Chris Cavallo, Managing Partner, CSI-Secure SolutionsDavid Sullivan

AMAG Technology

Every aspect of our society seems to be under threat. Things that we once took for granted, including our feeling of security, all seem a distant past. All that you mention has affected our perspective at AMAG, and we consider all threats when we design our business solutions. Certainly, COVID-19 has changed the commercial office environment in how it is safeguarded and managed. Protecting offices has expanded solely from security and people management, to also include additional health and sanitization considerations. Employers, employees, and visitors all desire surroundings that ensure their well-being. As a result, end users are not only seeking systems that protect them by providing physical security, but also solutions that provide tools for health checks, health compliance, and sanitation management. When coupled with the rising numbers of employees who work remotely, building managers and tenants are pursuing systems that maximize their space utilization through reservation solutions that can book meeting rooms, offices, desks, parking spots, catering, and work orders. Our customers inspire our innovation, and we work to meet their ever-changing needs. It is in these customer requests that we find creative solutions to combat the increasing number of threats found in the current environment.

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Steve Cocco - Strategic Strategies TodaySteve Cocco

Security Strategies Today

When a client engages us to perform a threat and vulnerability assessment, that client can expect a detailed and comprehensive look at every aspect of its operations and their effect on security. We look at doors, locks, barriers, frontage and other structures for weak access points or vulnerabilities. We take a look at the lighting, both inside and outside and assess it for sufficiency. We will also look at the visitor and vendor access process and screening. Finally, we will take a look at employee security and procedures with the intention of enhancing both security and workplace safety-is there an emergency action plan? Has it been practiced? Has it been updated lately and do all employees/ administrators or contractors know where to find it? It is a detailed process which unfolds over a few days, but it is well worth the cost and time. At its conclusion, the client receives a detailed report which we review with them and a series of recommendations which they may consider implementing in order to harden the overall security environment.

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Michael A. Silva, Principal, Silva ConsultantsMichael A. Silva
Silva Consultants President
International Association of Professional Security Consultants

The IAPSC Annual Conference is the one security industry event that is specifically tailored to the practice of independent security consulting and should not be missed if you are a security consultant or are thinking about becoming one. The conference includes educational sessions that help you to keep up with the latest security practices and technology, opportunities to develop strategic relationships with other consultants, and the ability to exchange ideas with some of the leading practitioners in the consulting profession. This year’s conference includes a risk assessment workshop and sessions on school security and emergency preparedness, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in security, business growth tips for consultants, human trafficking, weapons screening, expert witness testimony in court, and consulting in casino and gaming security. The conference also includes exhibits and presentations from some of the leading providers of security products and services.

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Joseph Paul Manley, Founder, Owner, Principal Security Consultant, Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLCJoseph Paul Manley

Founder, Owner,
Principal Security Consultant
Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC

Negligent security law is a subset of premises liability law, and stems from situations in which a person is injured by another person and seeks to hold liable the owner or possessor of a premises on which injury occurred. Normally, no one can be held responsible for actions of third parties. However, there are some exceptions. The injured victim, or plaintiff, has legal standing to pursue litigation against a property owner or possessor because the law requires those entities provide reasonable security measures to protect certain individuals from foreseeable harmful acts by third parties.

Basically, had the property owner taken reasonable steps to protect lawful visitors against foreseeable risks, the attack and subsequent injury would not have occurred.

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Patrick Bertagna, Chief Executive Officer, MetAlert (formerly GTX Corp) OTC: MLRTCharles "Chuck" Andrews

Founder/Chairman of the Board
Friends of Chuck

I always knew what I wanted to do when I started as a Law Enforcement Police Explorer at the young age of 13 in TEXAS! For 6 years before turning 19 years-of-age when I became a Texas Peace Officer, I logged over 4,000 hours on patrol working with police officers on patrol, in the jail, communications, crime prevention and more learning the law enforcement trade. What I really learned was HUMAN BEINGS, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. In doing so, I learned that people (relationships) were the key to everything.....and this still holds true today in 2022 and beyond! As I worked my way thru the Law Enforcement field, I found myself quickly in the CRIME PREVENTION vertical working closely with citizens and businesses. It was clear to me that preventing crime was more important than reacting to it for all the obvious reasons, and the good-will and cooperation in developing RELATIONSHIPS was key to all of it, both short and long term for the good of the community.

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Patrick Bertagna, Chief Executive Officer, MetAlert (formerly GTX Corp) OTC: MLRTPatrick Bertagna

Chief Executive Officer
MetAlert (formerly GTX Corp)

We are excited to be moving forward under the MetAlert brand. GTX no longer represented everything that we do and our vision of the future. In the beginning our focus was primarily on tracking and Global Trek Exploration, abbreviated as GTX made sense. In recent years, our Company has been focusing on solutions that transform people�s lives, with this transformation we felt the need for a change. Our vision is that in the near future, the people that use our products and services will live longer, healthier, and higher quality lives. This will happen because our products will collect vital information in real time, send it to the cloud, where that data can be analyzed and through our backend A.I. and notification platform, that data will be sent to doctors, first responders, caregivers, or family members. Imagine a 65-year-old man, that has a mild heart attack, doesn�t really think much of it and the next day goes out and plays tennis or golf and has another heart attack. Our products would be able to detect that, send the information to a first responder including the address of where that person is. This scenario is a life saver for that individual and we believe MetAlert speaks to that vision.

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Elton Crawford Route1Elton Crawford

Vice President, Operations

Route1 is uniquely situated to deliver what the market is demanding in the ALPR space. Route1’s turn-key engineering experts, along with their leadership, are on point in helping clients visualize operational requirements and have a proven record of delivering real time information and data centric solutions that help consumers optimize operations and profitability. I certainly found this to be true in my role as the Assistant Director, Operations where I reached out to Route1 leadership to help me improve our operational video capture capabilities on campus. Probably the more important point here is that I found Route1 understood the vision and I could easily engage with them to help define what solutions were possible in achieving the desired outcomes.

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Mark Williams AMAGMark Williams

Director of Sales � EMEA
AMAG Technology

Access control systems have always been great repositories of big data�every time you swipe your card or present your phone at a door, you are creating data. But very little has ever been done to analyze that data�until now. AMAG has developed a machine learning algorithm that learns what normal behavior is for an access control system� it learns when you usually arrive at the office, which door you enter the facility via and where you go next. So if you suddenly start arriving earlier and going to different locations, which you may still be allowed access to, the system will recognize that as �abnormal behavior.� There may be perfectly genuine reasons for the observed behavior, but the AMAG solution provides you with that insight� it gives you an early warning of potentially nefarious activity so you can make a better, more informed decision.

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Mike HowardMike Howard

I have spoken on leadership for many years when I was CSO at Microsoft. I always wanted to write a book on leadership and I took advantage of quarantine to write my first book “The Art of Ronin Leadership – Strategy, Execution and Sustained Success.” I wanted to tell a leadership story from my lens. The lens of someone who was not born a leader. From the lens of someone who made mistakes along the way but learned from his mistakes, learned from others and hopefully became a great leader. I saw too many examples of poor leadership both in government and in the private sector and I wanted people to understand what I believe to be great leadership.

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Feix Nater, Nater Associates, Ltd.Felix Nater

President and Owner
Nater Associates, Ltd.

Workplace violence is a major problem and, unfortunately, it’s on the rise. “Every year, 2 million people experience some form of workplace violence.” Join Felix Nater “In The Boardroom” regarding strategies to prevent workplace violence and many other risk mitigation topics regarding threats to our health and security: the post-COVID office, cybersecurity, and much more. You will benefit from this conversation with Felix Nader!

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Watch Felix's video on Workplace Violence

Tony Busseri Route 1Tony Busseri

President and Chief Executive Officer

The IPMI 2022 Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo was a great event filled with parking thought leaders, educational information and industry participants such GenetecT2 SystemsiParq, Passport, and many more. We met and chatted with a lot of end users of ALPR technology and it is exciting to see how far ALPR technology has come in terms of deployment and acceptance at the university and community parking level.  We found there to be a lot of interest in two themes: (1) the integration of ALPR data with other public safety tools particularly other forms of video capture technologies such as surveillance video, and (2) campus leadership’s want to better integrate with their broader community’s local Sherriff or police department. Clearly it is all about the data, and more specifically delivering real-time actionable intelligence. We’ve gone from helping early adopters of ALPR, to helping clients optimize their operations through the interpretation of data and analytics.

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Jef LeBlanc AMAGJeff LeBlanc

Vice President Professional Services
AMAG Technology

AMAG Professional Services recently worked with a major enterprise customer to deploy Symmetry software applications that integrate with multiple customer-facing workflow portals. These applications helped our customer optimize the way their customers and the security team operate on a day-to-day basis. We provided a full project team that included an engineer, developer, and project manager who were actively involved in every aspect of the project. AMAG Professional Services helped the customer develop and refine their business requirements, workflows and technical design. From the start, we were included and treated as a major stakeholder in the customer’s internal project and design meetings which allowed for a more intimate relationship with the customer.

Another example of a success story is I received a call on a Saturday from one of our enterprise customers who did not have an active Pro Services job, but was the victim of a severe network hack and denial of service attack. This customer wanted our help rebuilding our Symmetry Access Control application with a recent database backup on a separate server and network. My team and I organized our resources, worked the entire weekend on video calls and the customer was back up and running by Monday morning.

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Robert Dodge ProsegurRobert Dodge


Organizations are in various states of assessing their workforce needs as they start to bring employees back to the office. Every company is looking at the situation through a prism of their own needs. From a security perspective, I tell our clients that they need to have a heightened awareness of the mental state of their staff.  The pandemic has increased tensions and stress levels. For example, some employees are stressed about rules around vaccinations and mask-wearing in the office.

If you are in charge of security, it’s now more important than ever that you carefully evaluate your people, process, and technology in this new normal and be prepared for potential disruptions. Some of these situations could escalate into violence. Secondly, we have to consider the security of remote workers.  What security risks are in their home?  Is there the possibility that your workers are leaving sensitive documents in the open? Are they locking their home office? Do they have a shredder? Are they following good cybersecurity hygiene? Or are they creating a massive vulnerability for someone to access sensitive corporate information?

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Fred Nelson AMAG TechnologyFred Nelson

Director of Sales
AMAG Technology

AMAG’s unique value proposition is one of the main reasons I joined the company. There are many companies that offer access control, video or identity management solutions. What makes AMAG unique is that we offer a total solution that is developed in-house. We manufacture our own access control software and hardware, visitor management and identity management systems. Manufacturing our own hardware and software allows us full control over feature enhancing upgrades, ensuring continuity of supply for the long term. Our system is completely scalable, meaning a Symmetry Security Management System can operate in a small business or secure a large company, even with locations around the world.

Another key differentiator is AMAG incorporates an open architecture into its Symmetry solution. Symmetry integrates with ANY technology on the market, including other access control systems. Integrating with other access control systems is important for large enterprise customers who acquire companies and take on the responsibility of managing the new company’s existing access control systems. Integrating with those new systems simplifies the overall security management and lets the company issue one card for all systems. In addition, our support team provides complete support for all third-party products integrated with Symmetry. This is a huge relief for our customers who don’t want to jump around to different manufacturers when they have issues.

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José Daniel Garcia Espinel ProsegurJosé Daniel García Espinel

Global Director of Innovation and Product Development for Security
Prosegur Global Risk

Prosegur’s strategy is focused on two important concepts. We must Perform by offering our customers the very best service in our traditional businesses such as guarding. And we must Transform by offering our customers new and innovative security solutions that are unique to Prosegur and the security industry. Our innovation strategy is focused on new product development. When developing new products we analyze their desirability, feasibility, and scalability. But we don’t just concentrate on the traditional security industry. We look to adjacent industries that we know are equally important to our customers, such as business continuity and safety. And our Security Operations Centers (SOCs) around the world are the hub of innovation for our company.

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Kami Dukes AMAG TechnologyKami Dukes

Director of Business Development
AMAG Technology

My business development team at AMAG Technology is 100% dedicated to the security consultant community and architects and engineers. This community is the backbone of the security industry. They have power, much more than meets the eye, to drive some of the most meaningful work in the security space. The industry works collectively as a wheel that keeps churning with the ultimate goals of saving lives and protecting properties and assets. We have security end users that have a business to run and security plans to operate and execute on. We have technology developers, such as ourselves at AMAG, that provide innovative solutions the end user can rely on to optimize their security programs. And we have the systems integrators who bring the systems to life and maintain their health and long-term functionality. But what sets the wheels in motion is the physical security consultant.

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Brian Ruttenbur Imperial CapitalBrian Ruttenbur

Managing Director
Imperial Capital

The traditional alarm monitoring market operates under a business model where high margin recurring monthly revenue is used to subsidize initial costs (primarily hardware and installation costs). The traditional model has been very successful in landing (typically for no upfront fee or a small fee up-front fee) and keeping long-term customers for years that pay monthly recurring fees. In the last several years, we have seen a surge in the IoT and Home Automation markets. The problem with IoT and Home Automation, while growing rapidly, is that they have lacked an integrated offering with a compelling service model thus, there has been limited recurring revenue.

We believe IoT and Home Automation providers are beginning to move to an Alarm Monitoring business model (with limited upfront fees but with the customers signing long-term contracts). This shift can be observed with recent companies like Latch Inc (LTCH � Not Rated) and Smart Rent (Not Rated) both offering services to multifamily facilities with high recurring fees (we will discuss Latch in further detail later in this report). We are also observing traditional alarm companies moving further into IoT and Home automation like ADT and Monitronics/Brinks Home Security experiencing solid growth and higher retention through a broader offering to its end user. Finally, we see multinational security companies like Prosegur expanding its offerings from guard/alarms/cash management to video monitoring and home automation to increase RMR or recurring monthly revenues.

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Jonathan Moore AMAG TechnologyJonathan Moore

Vice President of
Product Management
AMAG Technology

AMAG Technology delivers a powerful, unified and open security platform that empowers businesses to effectively secure their facilities, transform their operations and meet compliance. The Symmetry Security Management system encompasses access control, video, identity management, analytics, mobile, intrusion, visitor management, command and control and incident management. Symmetry�s scalable, resilient and integrated security solutions provide operational insights and intelligence to improve business today and tomorrow.

AMAG is known for providing enterprise access control hardware and software. Over the last 5 years we have added a range of supporting products that integrate directly with the access control platform, providing a complete physical security solution, capable of managing all aspects of a well rounded security program.

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Lisa Terry Allied UniversalLisa Terry

Vice President,
Vertical Markets - Healthcare
Allied Universal®

I have served in healthcare security and police management for more than 30 years. For the past four years, I have served as Vice President of Healthcare for Allied Universal®. Just prior to that, I served as Director of Hospital Police, Security and Transportation at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. I have been privileged to hold the position of Chief of Campus Police and Public Safety with WakeMed Health and Hospitals in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Chief of Police and Public Safety with Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia.

Currently, I am a Vice Chair of the ASIS Healthcare Community Steering Committee and the Chair of the ASIS GSX Presentation Selection Committee. Because of these amazing affiliations, I have been fortunate to collaborate with some of the world’s greatest minds in healthcare, security, and policing. I have attempted to share some of those strategies and lessons learned for successfully preventing and mitigating violence in two of my books: “Preventing Violence in the Emergency Department” and “The Active Shooter Response Toolkit for Healthcare Workers.”

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Ramesh Kesanupalli Digital Trust NetworksRamesh Kesanupalli

CEO & Co-founder
Digital Trust Networks Inc

A Covid credential presentation would be an excellent use case for what we are doing, whether it is a Covid test result or a Covid vaccination proof. A Service Provider like an airline before boarding, a rental car agency before renting a car, or a hotel before checking in, should be able to check the validity of the presented credential, that it belongs to the person who is showing it, that it is the latest data, that it comes from the actual source, and that the source can actually be trusted -- that it is a genuine facility, and not a fake credential provider. Digital Trust Network’s Digital Identity Interchange is a perfect vehicle to achieve this. Further, the issuing sources will be part of the value chain when the credential is verified. This system protects user privacy, invalidates fraudulent certificates and credentials, and provides the latest information.

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security stock solutionsJohn Becker

Vice President of Global Sales
AMAG Technology

We continued to innovate in 2020 and launched Symmetry Business Intelligence. Our customers had been asking for a way to track behavior abnormalities, and we delivered an analytics solution that helps identify identities that may pose a high risk to an organization. It also tracks facility occupancy and office usage for high-traffic areas, which provides data needed to help meet occupancy guidelines imposed by governing authorities, enforce physical distancing and determine cleaning schedules. 

In 2021, we will continue to listen to our customers and develop and enhance our open and diverse product platform. No one in the industry offers such an innovative and comprehensive solution set. It’s important to AMAG to support our customers with solutions that not only protect employees, assets and buildings but also positively impact business operations. We will continue to innovate with AI, analytics and mobile solutions to help mitigate risk, reduce costs and ensure compliance.

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security stock solutionsBradford Rand

CEO & President
TECHEXPO Top Secret Cyber Security Summit

When the entire live in-person conference industry came to an immediate halt, my team and I quickly created a series of Cyber Security Briefings to help maintain its goal in educating executives called the “Power Hour”. Similarly to their live events they featured experts from The FBI, The US Secret Service and Dept. of Homeland Security / CISA. Hosted on one of the most secure and trusted virtual platforms, Cisco WebEx; these complimentary, invitation-only webcasts offered senior level business executives information on the latest cyber threats facing their companies as they worked from home during the peak of this pandemic. In addition they provided insight on best practices and technical solutions from top companies such as IBM, Google, Artic Wolf, Proofpoint, Mimecast, Duo Security, Check Point, Darktrace, KnowBe4 and more.

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security stock solutionsRoget Thornton

VP of Products & Technology
AT&T Cybersecurity

Digital transformation - the movement of critical computing from the data-center to the cloud -  is driving rapid changes in business models and network architectures. It also drives changes in how cybercriminals operate, making it easier for them to harvest data and launch automated attacks at scale. The mismatch between changes in cybercrime sophistication and the relative stagnation in cybersecurity approaches is apparent as organizations continue to suffer data breaches. According to a survey presented in AT&T Cybersecurity Insights, 88% of respondents had reported at least one type of security incident or breach in the last year.

The root cause? Dispersed networks, an explosion of data, disparate technologies, complex security operations present cybercriminals with gaps or “seams” in organizations’ security postures. Fighting cybercrime requires a coordinated and collaborative approach orchestrating best-of-breed people, process and technology.

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security stock solutionsRobert R. Ackerman, Jr.

Managing Director and Founder
Allegis Cyber

Experience continually reinforces the reality that the human element is the weakest link in cybersecurity. This means the most important proactive strategy of all is to train everybody in a corporation - and I mean everybody - in good cybersecurity practices, along with their contractors and vendors. All employees should not only understand what is expected of them regarding company security policy and good online behavior, but also be trained to spot nefarious or suspicious activity and to conduct periodic tests to ensure best practices are followed.

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security stock solutionsBruce K. Taragin

Managing Director
Blumberg Capital

One should think about security under the following framework:

Continuous authentication: 100% of fraud occurs inside authenticated sessions. This means that the login function is not really relevant anymore because fraudsters have found ways to bypass it, whether it is password, token or even a physical biometrics.

- Dynamic authentication: Most methods of authentication are static. Behavior by definition changes over time so one needs to deploy techniques that cannot be copied, stolen or otherwise used in a replay attack.

- Go beyond the endpoint. Applications and active sessions are incredibly vulnerable as fraudsters use social engineering scams and even phishing scams (where the legitimate person defrauds themselves under the influence of a fraudster).

- Recognize that humans are the weakest link and design systems accordingly. Thirty percent of participants will still open malicious emails within 30 minutes of phishing training. It only takes one person (the weakest link) to bring down an entire enterprise.

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security stock solutionsCarl Bradley, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Information Assurance & IT Security Consulting & Intelligence Strategy
HP Enterprise Services,
U.S. Public Sector

There are three key challenges our clients face today. First, cyber threats are ever-changing and becoming more sophisticated by the day. Cyber terrorism and targeted cybercriminal activities are directly impacting both the public and private sectors. They are persistent and yet, based on our research into exploit trends in 2014, attackers continue to leverage well known techniques to compromise systems and networks. Many vulnerabilities exploited in 2014 took advantage of code written many years ago and adversaries continue to leverage classic avenues for attack against client-side and server-side applications. Anti-virus signatures only catch approximately 45 percent of cyber attacks—a truly abysmal rate.

In our review of the 2014 threat landscape, we find that enterprises most successful in securing their environment employ complementary protection technologies. These technologies work best when paired with a mindset that assumes a breach will occur instead of only working to prevent intrusions and compromise from the perimeter. So our clients’ security posture must be agile and responsive to better defend against threats —internal and external—in addition to vulnerabilities, in order to mitigate their risk...

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security stock solutionsTom Kellermann

Chief Cybersecurity Officer
Carbon Black

Existing cybersecurity architectures are failing due to two macro trend cloud computing and mobility. The endpoint is inadequately secured and the adversary often has a footprint within one’s perimeter defenses. We must pursue a strategy of intrusion suppression wherein we can decrease dwell time and this detect, deceive, divert and hunt and adversary unbeknownst to the adversary. To achieve this an organization must: employ application whitelisting, employ an endpoint protection platform, establish a Hunt Team and roll out deception grids. Employ Deceptiongrids.

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security stock solutionsRobin Harris

Chief Executive Officer
Applied Cyber Strategy Group

Many clients are referred to us for immediate support with onsite impromptu compliance audits from their current customers, prospects or industry compliance authority. Several clients are bidding a federal government or international corporate contract and need assistance responding to the RFP. Yet others are facing a stop work order until they can demonstrate a suitable cyber security posture and compliance with specific regulations. We assist our clients at any stage of their operations and their journey begins with relief upon initial engagement with us. Cyber security can keep you up at night. We take time to care. We listen to understand all the requirements, pain points and urgency clients face. Each client is assigned a strategic risk management team consisting of a privacy lawyer, cyber security expert, business analyst and program manager experienced in the client's industry.

The core team leads the strategy for compliance and risk management solution. They also engage additional resources as necessary to support success. We help clients win business. A cyber-attack can cost an organization a fortune in fines, reputation and prison time for executives. Without cyber security companies lose revenue opportunities. We support their targeted growth strategy. The investment in cyber security not only meets compliance but yields a return on that investment

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